Zero waste/low budget house plants


There are a lot of benefits of having house plants, they vibration is very high, they give you a sense of being in nature, they cleanse the air in your house, they look pretty and serve so many purposes over the house decor items that gather dust and go out of fashion. But if you want to get even more,you can grow a small garden of herbs on your windowsill, and even medicinal plants. So, if you’re seeing these beautiful pictures of plants on social media, and you would like to have them too, but think that they are too expensive to maintain, or you don’t want to get into the cycle of consumerism by buying plastic pots etc.I would say think again. In this post I am going to share with you some of the things I do, to keep them on a low budget and earth friendly.

The one thing I never seem to be buying are pots. I have a few that I accummulated over the years in which I keep my big plants. They are a mixture of clay pots (that you can buy for cheap at thrift stores, garage sales etc) and plastic pots, but I actually prefer to use jars, that would have been thrown away otherwise, ice cream buckets and all kinds of recipients that would go into the land fill. With a brush and some paint you can transform something that could have been rubbish into something classy looking and pretty.

Boxes- because I have small jars with baby plants, I want to make them a little bit more put together, so I save up the mandarine boxes that look very cute, paint them in a neutral or classy color and I got myself a flower arrangement. I don’t paint my jar, I like the natural look, but some opaque paint would look beautiful. You can let your artistic side run wild and paint them in different colors, and you can place them around the house, and you scored a unique home decor.

Soil is not very expensive. You can get a huge bag for pretty cheap, and a tip here if you want it to last even longer, you can mix it with sand great for succulents. And once a year you can buy a big bag of all purpose plant feed. U mostly need it for fall-winter season.


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