The truth about crystals, my experience with them, and how to handle them correctly.

different types of stones
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I am a huge crystal enthusiast and everything spiritual, I believed in their power from the first time I got them, but I knew little about them. I just researched their properties and thought that was the end of it. Of course, I knew that they needed cleansing but have not paid too much attention to it. I just thought that a little bit of holy water once in a while should do. But after this one experience, I had to do some more research, because I just wasn’t ready to give up on them. I believed in their power and just knew that they need me to understand them, give them more love and attention.

So here is my experience: after I got my crystals, I researched their properties and was very happy with them. Put them on straight away, and cleansed them after a few days with holy water, and forgot all about cleansing afterwards, long story short, I had a lot of bad things happening in my life lately and it got to a point where I was feeling sick and depressed every time I wore them, and always felt the need to take them off. On this particular day, I noticed that after I took them off the sickness disappeared. I finally decided to do research and cleanse them and when I gathered them all, holding them in my left hand, my hand and leg started shaking very badly. Imagine how much negative energy they were holding. So I don’t want you to do the same mistake as I did, or if you are in the same situation, don’t despair. I will show you what I did, and now I feel so energized and in tune with them. So, let me show you what I did.

I am sure you already know the theory behind the crystal healing, and if not there are many great resources on the internet. But long story short, they are able to store, a huge amount of energy (good and bad) and amplify it. Hence the need to cleanse them and reprogram.

In doing my research, I have found many ways to cleanse the crystals. The most well known include the full moon rituals, but I didn’t want to be stuck with a bunch of crystals with negative energy waiting for the fool moon.

The crystals need much love, care, and attention, as they emulate your personality and attitude and amplify it. Besides this, I believe there are three important parts in having the crystals in harmony with yourself. The first part is cleansing and the second one is to programme it tailored to your needs.

As you are working with purification, being of clear mind and intention is necessary.

You need to follow your intuition on how often you need to clear it, and you need to take in consideration all the situations that they have been through since the last cleanse.

There are many great cleansing rituals, but this is what I did and I couldn’t be more happy with the results. To make sure I got rid of all the negative energies, I triple cleansed them, but if you feel yours is not that bad, you can do only one or two of these steps. I got a clay bowl (any bowl should do as long as it’s not metal) and I have put all the crystals in there and covered it with soil. You can as well bury it directly in the soil, but I do not own the house we live in and didn’t want to dig holes in the garden. This practice is most beneficial done on full moon, but it works fine in other nights as well. It is best left there overnight. Afterward, I have taken them out and Sage smudged them: Sage is a beautiful way to get rid of unwanted energies, and I wrote a whole article about it , for best info on how to do it, consult the article above. Then, the final step was to take holy water on a paper towel and give them a good final wipe. Next step is the:


Programming is a form of ritual, you may program your crystal to assist with specific tasks and projects.

Think about what you want from your stone and carefully formulate your intention. Hold it near your heart and then near the third eye, visualize the specific intention you want to program it, and see it happen. If you need inspiration, there is an abundance of ‘crystal programming spells’ online.


A lot of people forget about this step but is very important. For this, you can use this mantra: “I cancel, clear and delete this crystal of all previous programs now” while holding your intention in your mind.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. What are your ways of cleansing the crystals? If you’d like to share feel free to write it down in the comments. Thank you for stopping by.


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