What is holism?

bamboo bamboo whisk board bowls
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Lately I have seen a lot of confusion going around this beautiful practice, and I would like to clear the air and help my readers understand better the health care practice.

Holism emerged from traditions that date as far as 2000 years, originating from India and China. These traditions were centred around the beautiul concept of living in harmony with nature. The term Holism was first put together in 1926 by Jan Christian Smuts.

Holistic belief is a well grounded one (which in my opinion is the most correct one). That is the belief that for a person to be healthy the client has to be seen as a whole, not just their ailment and symptoms. A holistic practioner promotes healing by treating the entirety of the person,focusing on harmonising the balance of the person together with the mind, body and soul as a whole. The main principles of holism are:

Achieving optimal health

(explained above),


(holistic practitioners believe that love has extreme power of healing) and


Unlike modern medicine that sees the client as a statistic, a holistic practitioner strives to create a relationship with the clients seeing them as the whole individual allowing the client to be involved in decision making considering their treatment.


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