Help your dog feel better when getting sick

My doggy used to get sick pretty often, he would throw up and it broke my heart seeing him like that. A visit to the vet is always the very first solution. They are qualified practitioners that have been to school and know what they’re doing. But what can we do in the meantime if we are waiting for the vet’s office to open or if he says there’s nothing he can do just let it pass on its own, or if she is already on the treatment and you want to make her life easier. We can try and make doggy as comfortable as we can and I always try to put myself into his shoes. How would I feel and what would I want my family to do if I was sick. He’s part of the family after all.

The most important rule is always try and investigate the reason he got sick and gather as much information from a proffessional on what treatment to follow. After that’s been decided it is time to make the dog as comfortable as possible, and depending on the dog’s type and breed try to have the room temperature accordingly. For example, my dog has double coating and long fur, so I try to make sure it’s not too warm for him, because that would make him get sick even more. Make sure she has plenty of fresh water very close and a possibility to run outside as soon as possible especially if she is throwing up or has diarheea. Fresh water is essential in keeping the body hydrated and most of the time this is the only think they want (they refuse food in most cases). And of course lots of love and cuddles, dogs can get scared and confused just as people do when they get sick, even worse because they don’t understand what is happening to them. So having their human there to love and reassure them is going to help them feel better and recover faster. And for days like these, I am an advocate for giving them small treats and tasty foods, to take them off of the mundane dry food, that’s definitely going to make their sick days so much better. I like to start small and build up the portions with a few hours in between. Remember that their tummy is still sensitive and we don’t want to overload it. If they are still hungry complete with dry food. The recipe that never failed me, was a boiled sweet potato with boiled chicken breast and boiled rice, blended into a paste with a teaspoon of coconut oil. Doggy loved it and seem to get back on his feet sooner. Another thing that I would like to add, is walks, depending of the condition, but the change of peisage and doing something he enjoys even for 5 mins around the block is going to lift him up. It’s about the fresh air and lifting up their spirits. And last but not least follow your instinct, we all want the best for our little family members and we probably know better than anyone what’s best for them. Remember, love conquers all, even the sickness ❤


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