The amazing benefits of Sage

I love writing encouraging posts to help people like myself deal with everyday life.  And especially the awakening process we are all going through. I have written about it in my previous post.

And things can heat up pretty badly, especially for HSPs (highly sensitive people), because we are prone to absorb energy around us. As well as that, life just goes in cycles, and we often need to cleanse ourselves and the energy around us. The advice that I love to give to everyone is to take care of yourself and have often pampering days, that help cleanse body mind and soul. But sometimes that’s just not enough, sometimes there are days where everything goes bad, no matter how positive you think and how much care you take of yourself. But don’t lose hope ladies and gentleman! Sage has proved to be a wonderful ally to help cleanse ourselves, our environment and the energy that is surrounding us.

Sage has been around for thousands of years and people have been using it in the kitchen, made healing salves and cleansed their energy and their homes. It is fairly affordable to buy a pot and keep it at home for the future uses. Fairly easy to maintain, filters the air and has so many great uses. Now that’s a plant you’d want to keep forever in your home! Just make sure you chose an edible variety to grow such as Purple Sage (shown in the picture) Garden Sage, Golden Sage, or Tri-color sage.

Besides the spiritual benefits, sage has (we will talk about them shortly), it also helps boost cognition, it is effective in skin care and treating certain skin conditions, treat inflammation, has antioxidant properties strengthens the immune system and many more.

Now for the spiritual part, and the reason we are all here -to cleanse our and our home energies- prepare some dried sage and tie it together with some twine, or you can purchase a ready-made one i.herb (not sponsored), yoga studios or health shops.

There are many ways to do a sage-cleansing, it is best to follow your intuition, but if you are a beginner, there are a few key points to keep in mind, such as:

it is best to use a clay bowl or a shell which represents the water, the herb represents the earth, the feather along with the wind it creates represents the air, and the flame represents the fire.

Focus burning sage on high traffic areas and gateways (be careful with the smoke alarm 🙂 don’t fill the area too thickly with smoke, and try not to breathe in the smoke directly. Concentrate on gateway areas, such as windows, doors, closets, as well as hallways. As well as the corners of a room. It is important to hold a pure and focused intention and be fully present. Open the windows to create a flow of air,  ignite the herbs and let them flame for 20 to 30 seconds before sweeping your hand above them to extinguish any fire. Tendrils of smoke should be steadily rising from the smoldering herbs.  Usually, it is best to smudge oneself first before moving on to others and the surrounding space.Using a cupped hand, draw the smoke around you.  Starting from the top, bring the smoke over and around your head, down your torso, all the way to your feet.  Make sure to pay attention to your breathing while doing this.  Slow and relaxed.  Once you have finished smudging, tradition tells us that the ashes of the used herb should be brought outside and returned to the soil, the charred residue carries its own energy and must be given back to the earth.



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