The awakening is happening

This year is the year of change for the humanity at a global scale. Some people have felt it sooner than others, but in the recent month almost everyone seems to go through this shift even though most of us don’t realize what is happening. Masses of people quitting their jobs, a lot of refferendums and changes, protests and violence. But there is a good part to it all. This all happens because there is a global awakening happening and things have to purge, before it gets better. The hardest thing is that old relationships are falling apart, people that we trusted are hurting us, our ole’ secure job has fallen through and so on. But I promise you, it gets so much better. Just hang in there, take this opportunity to take some moments for yourself, pamper yourself, spend time with your pets and do what you love. Believe with your heart that things ARE changing for the better. Live in the present moment, forgive everyone that hurt you, because you might be hurting people without knowing it. We are all sensitive now, so we have to be very compassionate and loving towards everyone. Now is the time to let go. Let your worries disipate along with negative energy, stop clenching! Now is the moment of change for the better. You are so strong, stronger than ever, beautiful and kind. You are ready to move into the new Earth, change the world for the better. Everything is as it should be, believe in the force of Nature and Creator. They know what they’re doing. Throw yourself into the arms of trust and it will be well worth it. Research it and it will reasure you that you are not going crazy. The collective consciouceness is working, and the world is transforming into something beautiful. Now is the time to reconnect with yourself and give yourself self love. Everything happens for a reason


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