Diy Aloe face mist

Due to my hormonal acne (a post on how to naturally treat hormonal acne following soon) and other factors, my skin tends to be very dry and dehydrated. My skin is also very sensitive so I have to be very careful of what I use on my skin because it usually ends up with an outburst of angry and irritated skin. But luckily there are a few ingredients that I can safely use and are very helpful in taking care of my skin. One of these ingredients is my beloved aloe, I have this plant in my house, and I love using it in my skincare as well as nutrition.

The great benefits of this diy (other than providing beautiful hydration) are that you know exactly what goes into your product (and on your face) and you can adjust and customize it by your preference and add only products that you know your skin loves.

What you will need:

-A spray bottle

-aloe vera juice

-vegetable glycerine

-facial oil

vitamin E oil


The main ingredient is the aloe vera juice, for this, you can use your own diy juice, or use a high-quality aloe vera juice from the health shop or forever living. This should make up about 80% of the spray, next add about 10% glycerine. Next, you can use 5% of a facial oil of your liking and follow up with 5% of vitamin oil. Vitamin E oil is a great antioxidant and helps keep the moisture on your face. I hope you enjoyed this easy diy and hope you try it soon. It is great for summer but can be used all year round, depending on your skin type.


Although the products mentioned above are all natural and beneficial for every skin type, there might be a chance that you are allergic to certain ingredients, please replace the ingredients with other alternatives and always do a patch test before applying.


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I love to consider myself an open minded person that loves to learn new things as much as possible. Spiritual, but open to ideas and theories, vegeterian and an avid animal lover loving the life with my baby that happens to be a dog 😁 Thank you for stopping by !
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