Benefits of being in nature

Sometimes I get caught up in the realms of life and a lot of time passes without me going out and enjoy the nature. As much as I love it, my busy schedule and the Irish weather don’t allow me to enjoy it as much as I can. But that only makes me be more greatful and enjoy myself even more. Nature is the place where I feel I can unplug from the stressful day to day life and be able to just be. There is no judgement, no fear, only love, compassion and beauty. Besides the personal enjoyment one gets from the nature, there are scientifically proven benefits to being outside. The negative ions coming out from the trees and water help us balance our mind,body and soil give us oxigen and relief from the daily stress.

Nature also provides a high vibration, that charges us with it too. The higher our vibration is, the more we connect with the Earth and all consiousness. The sun provides light and clears up the cluttered mind. It is also gifting us with serotonin, which is also called the ‘happiness hormone’. No wonder we’re so happy when we are in nature🤗 It is also a way to break from routine, to stop doing, and thinking and planning and just be. It’s the perfect place to just stop and admire the beauty. Take a lot of deep breaths and be humbled by the peace, and the raw beauty without filters, adjustments, or judgement. The place where you can cry, or laugh, hugh a tree or get bare foot on the grass, which is so beneficial for our bodies. We draw electrons from the earth which gives us many great benefits such as stress and pain relief. Getting connected with the magnetic field of the Earth, means getting connected with our beloved home, our Gaia, our life provider which is a living being that loves, gives and protects.

I hope this post helped you learn something new, or at least reminded you to go out in nature a bit more, and be conscious of the benefits and be more present and loving when in nature. Much love and compassion 🤗


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