Colour therapy

Colour in ancient times

Healing with colour, or colour therapy has been practised from the time of the ancients. From Heliopolis in Egypt to Iran, to India and China, people recognised the healing properties of colour, and express it in various ways. In the temple at Heliopolis, rooms were specially designed so that the sun’s rays were broken up into the seven colours of the spectrum in order to be used for healing. In Iran, glazed ceramic tiles of different colours and geometric shapes were used architecturally in mosques for the upliftment and cleansing of the spirit and the teaching of natural law and consciousness. All these cultures, to varying degrees, used colour in architecture, solarized water, the shining of light through crystals, and the grinding up and ingesting of powered gems. Natural pigments were made from ground minerals and beetles for body ornamentation.

Colour breathing

Sit, or lie down comfortably with your spine relaxed. Breathe naturally. You can either breathe through the whole spectrum of colours or choose one for its particular healing qualities. The following charts will offer suggestions.


Breathe in red fo vitality. Breathe out turquoise.


Breathe in orange for joy. Breathe out blue.


Breathe in yellow for increased objectivity and intellectual powers. Breathe out violet.


Breathe in green to cleanse and balance. Breathe out magenta.


Breathe in turquoise to strengthen the immune system. Breathe out red.


Breathe in blue for relaxation, peace. Breathe out orange.


Breathe in violet to increase self-respect, to connect with feelings of dignity and beauty. Breathe out yellow.


Breathe in magenta to release obsessional images and thoughts. Breathe out green.






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