Learning English together

1. The Definite Article [articolul hotarat]
THE [ðə]
D. inaintea cuvintelor care incep cu o consoana: the book, the table, the boy;
E. inainte de h sonor: the hat, the hero
F. inainte de sunetul [ju]: the uniform, the university, the youth
G. inaintea cuvintelor care incep cu o vocala: the egg, the apple, the ear
H. inainte de h mut: the honour, the heir, the hour
1. Sbst. cunoscute de ambii vorbitori: I have the book.
2. Lucruri unice: the moon, the sun, the Bible
3. State, mari, oceane, rauri, lanturi muntoase, grupuri de insule: The United States
of America, the Red Sea, the Bahamas, the Atlantic, the Rhine, the Carpathians,
the Bahamas
4. Nationalitati, dinastii, familii: the French, the Tudors, the Browns
5. Profesii: the milkman, the doctor, the professor
6. Adjective, gerunzii, participii, desemnand o clasa: the rich, the injured, the
7. Nume proprii cu constructia OF: the Sea of Aral, the Avenue of the Americas
8. Publicatii: the Guardian, the Sunday Times
9. Expresii fixe: by the way, on the one hand/ on the other hand, at the seaside, in the
morning, in the mountains, to tell the truth, for the time being.

THE nu se foloseste:
1. Plurale si nenumarabile folosite generic:
Bears are mammals.
Meat costs more these days.
2. Locuri publice [ca institutii]: Is she at school? He is in prison.
3. Tari, continente, orase, judete: China, Britain, Australia, London, Essex
4. Mesele zilei, anotimpuri, luni: breakfast, lunch, spring – In winter I like skiing.
5. Nume proprii chiar daca sunt precedate de titluri: John, Dr. Smith, Professor
Brown, Queen Elizabeth
6. Strazi: She lives on Elm Street.
7. Munti singuri: Mount Everest
8. Lacuri: Lake Ontario

2. The Indefinite Article [Articolul Nehotarat]
a [ə]
– inaintea consoanelor: a dog, a notebook, a bear;
– inainte de h sonor: a hero, a home;
– inainte de [ju]: a university, a young man, a uniform;
an [ən]
I. inainte de vocale: an egg, an owl, an elephant;
J. inainte de h mut: an hour, an honour;
1. Cand se introduce o notiune noua in context: There is a bird on that tree.
2. Dupa constructia there is: There is a picture on the wall. There is an egg on the
3. Functie generica: A cat is an animal.
4. Functie numerica [in loc de one]: a hundred, a million, a dozen, a half, a third,
once a year.
5. Expresii fixe: just a moment, once in a blue moon, all of a sudden, at a time, to
keep an eye on.
A/an Nu se foloseste:
1. Materii/ substante, abstractii: Water freezes in winter. They are interested in
2. Nume proprii: They speak English in Australia.
3. Substantive la plural: There were books and pens on the table.

1. In limba engleza substantivele sunt:
A. Proprii: England, John, Lake Placid
B. Comune:
a. Numarabile
K. concrete: boy, girl;
L. abstracte: dream, idea
b. nenumarabile:
M. concrete: bread, milk, meat;
N. abstracte: hate, advice
A. Substantivele proprii
Folosite pentru personae, locuri, lucruri, idei considerate a fi unice si sunt scrise cu
a. nume: Deborah, John;
b. titluri: Mr. Jackson, Miss Brown, Sir Christopher, Sergeant Jones, Professor
c. date calendaristice: Sunday, Monday, January, March, Christmas, Halloween;
d. nume geografice: Albania, Britain, Africa, Asia, the Pacific Ocean;
e. titluri de carti, ziare: Gone with the Wind, The Guardian, The United nations
f. nationalitati si limbi: English, Greek, Italian, Polish;
B. Substantivele Comune:
Sunt toate substantivele care nu desemneaza o persoana anume, lucruri, locuri sau
idei unice. Pot fi numarabile sau nenumarabile. Un substantive este numaranil daca:
O. are forma de plural: girls, boys;
P. poate fi precedat de a/an: a car, an ox;
Q. poate fi precedat de How many sau a few: How many books have you got?/ I have
a few oranges.
R. Pooate fi precedat de numere: two pencils, three books.
Daca nu au nici una din calitatile enumerate mai sus, sunt nenumarabile: blood, sugar,
weather, luggage, etc.
Unele pot fi numarabile dar se schimba sensul:
I drink coffee every morning. – a cup of coffee –
She hates coffee. – in general –
I have all the papers you want. – acte –
Books are made of paper. – hartie –


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