Weirdness,tea and dogs…

Welcome to my blog, have always loved writing, but something held me back for some reason, lack of time, fear of exposing myself to the world (my secret dream is to be a youtuber ) and lack of self confidence are few things that held me back from creating my blog. Fortunately (?) the reality hit me and I’ve realised that we spend too much time doing things we don’t necessarily love, routine it’s taking the spice of life and we have to remember to do as many things as we love because time flies by, and we will realise one day that we have too many regrets and too little enjoyable moments. To heck with low self confidence ! I am going to embrace my weirdness, my love for tea and of course pets . My precious little baby is a dog, and I consider myself to be a ‘new ager'(the law of attraction and the solffegio scale kind of stuff )… As I wrote these things down I realised that they don’t sound half as bad as I made them sound in my head, so I will open up and discuss all kind of stuff that makes everyone curious ,but no one dares to talk about. I will have different subjects as my blog doesn’t have a specific theme, I am a creative person and love learning new things and sharing them with the world, with you. If you managed to stay with me until now thank you, and stay tuned , because this is only the beginning baby !


About puffyclouds92

I love to consider myself an open minded person that loves to learn new things as much as possible. Spiritual, but open to ideas and theories, vegeterian and an avid animal lover loving the life with my baby that happens to be a dog 😁 Thank you for stopping by !
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