Weirdness,tea and dogs…

Welcome to my blog, have always loved writing, but something held me back for some reason, lack of time, fear of exposing myself to the world (my secret dream is to be a youtuber ) and lack of self confidence are few things that held me back from creating my blog. Fortunately (?) the reality hit me and I’ve realised that we spend too much time doing things we don’t necessarily love, routine it’s taking the spice of life and we have to remember to do as many things as we love because time flies by, and we will realise one day that we have too many regrets and too little enjoyable moments. To heck with low self confidence ! I am going to embrace my weirdness, my love for tea and of course pets . My precious little baby is a dog, and I consider myself to be a ‘new ager'(the law of attraction and the solffegio scale kind of stuff )… As I wrote these things down I realised that they don’t sound half as bad as I made them sound in my head, so I will open up and discuss all kind of stuff that makes everyone curious ,but no one dares to talk about. I will have different subjects as my blog doesn’t have a specific theme, I am a creative person and love learning new things and sharing them with the world, with you. If you managed to stay with me until now thank you, and stay tuned , because this is only the beginning baby !

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Diy Aloe face mist

Due to my hormonal acne (a post on how to naturally treat hormonal acne following soon) and other factors, my skin tends to be very dry and dehydrated. My skin is also very sensitive so I have to be very careful of what I use on my skin because it usually ends up with an outburst of angry and irritated skin. But luckily there are a few ingredients that I can safely use and are very helpful in taking care of my skin. One of these ingredients is my beloved aloe, I have this plant in my house, and I love using it in my skincare as well as nutrition.

The great benefits of this diy (other than providing beautiful hydration) are that you know exactly what goes into your product (and on your face) and you can adjust and customize it by your preference and add only products that you know your skin loves.

What you will need:

-A spray bottle

-aloe vera juice

-vegetable glycerine

-facial oil

vitamin E oil


The main ingredient is the aloe vera juice, for this, you can use your own diy juice, or use a high-quality aloe vera juice from the health shop or forever living. This should make up about 80% of the spray, next add about 10% glycerine. Next, you can use 5% of a facial oil of your liking and follow up with 5% of vitamin oil. Vitamin E oil is a great antioxidant and helps keep the moisture on your face. I hope you enjoyed this easy diy and hope you try it soon. It is great for summer but can be used all year round, depending on your skin type.


Although the products mentioned above are all natural and beneficial for every skin type, there might be a chance that you are allergic to certain ingredients, please replace the ingredients with other alternatives and always do a patch test before applying.

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Benefits of being in nature

Sometimes I get caught up in the realms of life and a lot of time passes without me going out and enjoy the nature. As much as I love it, my busy schedule and the Irish weather don’t allow me to enjoy it as much as I can. But that only makes me be more greatful and enjoy myself even more. Nature is the place where I feel I can unplug from the stressful day to day life and be able to just be. There is no judgement, no fear, only love, compassion and beauty. Besides the personal enjoyment one gets from the nature, there are scientifically proven benefits to being outside. The negative ions coming out from the trees and water help us balance our mind,body and soil give us oxigen and relief from the daily stress.

Nature also provides a high vibration, that charges us with it too. The higher our vibration is, the more we connect with the Earth and all consiousness. The sun provides light and clears up the cluttered mind. It is also gifting us with serotonin, which is also called the ‘happiness hormone’. No wonder we’re so happy when we are in nature🤗 It is also a way to break from routine, to stop doing, and thinking and planning and just be. It’s the perfect place to just stop and admire the beauty. Take a lot of deep breaths and be humbled by the peace, and the raw beauty without filters, adjustments, or judgement. The place where you can cry, or laugh, hugh a tree or get bare foot on the grass, which is so beneficial for our bodies. We draw electrons from the earth which gives us many great benefits such as stress and pain relief. Getting connected with the magnetic field of the Earth, means getting connected with our beloved home, our Gaia, our life provider which is a living being that loves, gives and protects.

I hope this post helped you learn something new, or at least reminded you to go out in nature a bit more, and be conscious of the benefits and be more present and loving when in nature. Much love and compassion 🤗

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Colour therapy

Colour in ancient times

Healing with colour, or colour therapy has been practised from the time of the ancients. From Heliopolis in Egypt to Iran, to India and China, people recognised the healing properties of colour, and express it in various ways. In the temple at Heliopolis, rooms were specially designed so that the sun’s rays were broken up into the seven colours of the spectrum in order to be used for healing. In Iran, glazed ceramic tiles of different colours and geometric shapes were used architecturally in mosques for the upliftment and cleansing of the spirit and the teaching of natural law and consciousness. All these cultures, to varying degrees, used colour in architecture, solarized water, the shining of light through crystals, and the grinding up and ingesting of powered gems. Natural pigments were made from ground minerals and beetles for body ornamentation.

Colour breathing

Sit, or lie down comfortably with your spine relaxed. Breathe naturally. You can either breathe through the whole spectrum of colours or choose one for its particular healing qualities. The following charts will offer suggestions.


Breathe in red fo vitality. Breathe out turquoise.


Breathe in orange for joy. Breathe out blue.


Breathe in yellow for increased objectivity and intellectual powers. Breathe out violet.


Breathe in green to cleanse and balance. Breathe out magenta.


Breathe in turquoise to strengthen the immune system. Breathe out red.


Breathe in blue for relaxation, peace. Breathe out orange.


Breathe in violet to increase self-respect, to connect with feelings of dignity and beauty. Breathe out yellow.


Breathe in magenta to release obsessional images and thoughts. Breathe out green.





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Learning English together

1. The Definite Article [articolul hotarat]
THE [ðə]
D. inaintea cuvintelor care incep cu o consoana: the book, the table, the boy;
E. inainte de h sonor: the hat, the hero
F. inainte de sunetul [ju]: the uniform, the university, the youth
G. inaintea cuvintelor care incep cu o vocala: the egg, the apple, the ear
H. inainte de h mut: the honour, the heir, the hour
1. Sbst. cunoscute de ambii vorbitori: I have the book.
2. Lucruri unice: the moon, the sun, the Bible
3. State, mari, oceane, rauri, lanturi muntoase, grupuri de insule: The United States
of America, the Red Sea, the Bahamas, the Atlantic, the Rhine, the Carpathians,
the Bahamas
4. Nationalitati, dinastii, familii: the French, the Tudors, the Browns
5. Profesii: the milkman, the doctor, the professor
6. Adjective, gerunzii, participii, desemnand o clasa: the rich, the injured, the
7. Nume proprii cu constructia OF: the Sea of Aral, the Avenue of the Americas
8. Publicatii: the Guardian, the Sunday Times
9. Expresii fixe: by the way, on the one hand/ on the other hand, at the seaside, in the
morning, in the mountains, to tell the truth, for the time being.

THE nu se foloseste:
1. Plurale si nenumarabile folosite generic:
Bears are mammals.
Meat costs more these days.
2. Locuri publice [ca institutii]: Is she at school? He is in prison.
3. Tari, continente, orase, judete: China, Britain, Australia, London, Essex
4. Mesele zilei, anotimpuri, luni: breakfast, lunch, spring – In winter I like skiing.
5. Nume proprii chiar daca sunt precedate de titluri: John, Dr. Smith, Professor
Brown, Queen Elizabeth
6. Strazi: She lives on Elm Street.
7. Munti singuri: Mount Everest
8. Lacuri: Lake Ontario

2. The Indefinite Article [Articolul Nehotarat]
a [ə]
– inaintea consoanelor: a dog, a notebook, a bear;
– inainte de h sonor: a hero, a home;
– inainte de [ju]: a university, a young man, a uniform;
an [ən]
I. inainte de vocale: an egg, an owl, an elephant;
J. inainte de h mut: an hour, an honour;
1. Cand se introduce o notiune noua in context: There is a bird on that tree.
2. Dupa constructia there is: There is a picture on the wall. There is an egg on the
3. Functie generica: A cat is an animal.
4. Functie numerica [in loc de one]: a hundred, a million, a dozen, a half, a third,
once a year.
5. Expresii fixe: just a moment, once in a blue moon, all of a sudden, at a time, to
keep an eye on.
A/an Nu se foloseste:
1. Materii/ substante, abstractii: Water freezes in winter. They are interested in
2. Nume proprii: They speak English in Australia.
3. Substantive la plural: There were books and pens on the table.

1. In limba engleza substantivele sunt:
A. Proprii: England, John, Lake Placid
B. Comune:
a. Numarabile
K. concrete: boy, girl;
L. abstracte: dream, idea
b. nenumarabile:
M. concrete: bread, milk, meat;
N. abstracte: hate, advice
A. Substantivele proprii
Folosite pentru personae, locuri, lucruri, idei considerate a fi unice si sunt scrise cu
a. nume: Deborah, John;
b. titluri: Mr. Jackson, Miss Brown, Sir Christopher, Sergeant Jones, Professor
c. date calendaristice: Sunday, Monday, January, March, Christmas, Halloween;
d. nume geografice: Albania, Britain, Africa, Asia, the Pacific Ocean;
e. titluri de carti, ziare: Gone with the Wind, The Guardian, The United nations
f. nationalitati si limbi: English, Greek, Italian, Polish;
B. Substantivele Comune:
Sunt toate substantivele care nu desemneaza o persoana anume, lucruri, locuri sau
idei unice. Pot fi numarabile sau nenumarabile. Un substantive este numaranil daca:
O. are forma de plural: girls, boys;
P. poate fi precedat de a/an: a car, an ox;
Q. poate fi precedat de How many sau a few: How many books have you got?/ I have
a few oranges.
R. Pooate fi precedat de numere: two pencils, three books.
Daca nu au nici una din calitatile enumerate mai sus, sunt nenumarabile: blood, sugar,
weather, luggage, etc.
Unele pot fi numarabile dar se schimba sensul:
I drink coffee every morning. – a cup of coffee –
She hates coffee. – in general –
I have all the papers you want. – acte –
Books are made of paper. – hartie –

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Benefits of herbs (Nettles,Marigold and Mediterranean herbs)

Nettles (Urtica dioica)

 the common stinging nettle is one of the most valuable remedies. It only grows in good rich soil, it is a rich source of nutrients including iron and Vitamin C. It is also helpful in allergic complaints, especially those affecting the skin.

Marigold (Calendula officinalis)

it is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and cleansing. The petals are used in many creams and ointments to soothe irritable skin and insect bites. Make a hot infusion to add to your bath or as a tea for lymphatic conditions or fungal infections.

Mediterranean herbs

Rosemary, Thyme and Sage are all Mediterranean herbs, rich in aromatic oils. The oils are antiseptic so infusions are good for bathing wounds, gargling when you have a sore throat or using as a mouthwash to treat gum infections. Taken internally, as teas or cooking, these herbs have individual poperties. Rosemary is a stimulant particularly for the head. Try it for headaches, failing memory and falling hair. Thyme is a specific remedy for lung conditions. It also has antifungal properties. Sage  reduces body secretions so you can try it for menopausal sweats.


it has many medicinal uses: it may help with menstrual problems, the disorder of the blood vessels and it’s a fever herb. It is bitter to taste so it should be mixed with elderflower, peppermint or other sweet herbs.





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Learning English together

Pentru ca am primit mesaje de la persoane care spun ca sunt fericiti ca am introdus pronuntarea cuvintelor, am sa tin cont de acest lucru si am sa introduc cuvinte de baza si pronuntarea lor. Astazi o sa continuam cu pronuntarea cuvintelo in limba Engleza.

1 = one [wΛn] / [uan]
2 = two [tu:] / [tuu]
3 = three [θri:] / [srii]
4 = four [fo:r] / [foor]
5 = five [faiv]
6 = six [siks] / [sics]
7 = seven [sevən] / [sevăn]
8 = eight [eit]
9 = nine [nain]
10 = ten [ten]
11 = eleven [ilevən] / [ilevăn]
12 = twelve [twelv]
13 = thirteen [θərti:n] /
14 = fourteen [forti:n] / [fortiin]                                                                                                          15=   fifteen [fiftin]                                                                                                                              16 = sixteen [siksti:n] / [sicstiin]                                                                                                       17 = seventeen [sevənti:n]                                                                                                                18 = eighteen [eiti:n] / [eitiin]
19 = nineteen [nainti:n] / [naintiin]
20 = twenty [twenti] / [tuenti]
21 = twenty-one [twenti – wΛn]/ [tuenti-uan]
22 = twenty-two [twenti – tu:] / [tuenti-tuu]
30 = thirty [θərti] / [tărti]
80 = eighty [eiti]
90 = ninety [nainti]                                                                                                                                100 = a/one hundred [hΛndrəd”] / [handrăd]

Numeralul ordinal (Ordinal numbers)

1st = first              9th = ninth           17th = seventeenth                  25th = twenty-fifth
2nd = second       10th = tenth         18th = eighteenth                     26th = twenty-sixth
3rd = third           11th = eleventh    19th = nineteenth                    27th = twenty-seventh
4th = fourth         12th = twelfth       20th = twentieth                      28th = twenty-eigth
5th = fifth             13th = thirteenth   21st = twenty-first                  29th = twenty-ninth
6th = sixth            14th = fourteenth  22nd = twenty-second           30th = thirtieth
7th = seventh       15th = fifteenth      23rd = twenty-third               31st = thirty-first
8th = eighth          16th = sixteenth     24th = twenty-fourth

Detalii personale (Personal details)
name [neim] = nume

old [ould] = bătrân
age [eid3] / [eigi] = vârstă

to stay [stei] = a sta
to live [liv] = a trăi, a locui

house [haus] = casă
address [ədres] / [ădres] = adresă

to come [kΛm] / [cam] = a veni
birthday [bərθdei] / [bărdei] = zi de naştere

birth [bərθ] / [bărt] = naştere
to pass [pa:s]/ [paas] = a trece

to work [wərk] / [uărc] = a munci
job [d3ob] / [giob] = ocupaţie-serviciu

boy [boi] = băiat
girl [gərl] / [gărl] = fată

child [t∫aild] / [ciaild] = copil
friend [frend] = prieten

woman [wumən] /[uumăn] = femeie
teenager [ti:n eid3ər] / [tiin eigeăr] = adolescent

high [hai] = înalt

tall [to:l] / [tool] = înalt

big [big] = mare
to use [ju:s] / [iuus] = a folosi

to carry [kæri] / [cheari] = a duce


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=Let’s learn English together (2)

Pronumele personal- personal pronoun 

Pronumele personal subiectiv este cel mai simplu caz. Acest prnume este cel care realizeaza actiunea in propozitie. De exemplu: I go to work- eu merg la lucru

Pronumele personal inlocuieste substantivul si are doua forme; el poate fi obiectul, sau subiectul actiunii. De exemplu : -Daniel is reading- Daniel citeste.

sau:- He is reading-El citeste.

I-eu I se scrie intotdeauna cu litera mare, indiferent de locul in care se afla in propozitie.

I sleep- eu dorm.

This is where I sleep- eu dorm aici.


În limba engleză adjectivele sunt poziționate înainte de substantivele determinate de acestea. Se face excepție de la regulă când între substantiv și adjectiv se face legătură printr-un verb. Exemple:

  • round table. – masă rotunda
  • The table is round. – Masa este rotunda.
  • The boy felt happy.– Baiatul se simțea fericit.

Zilele saptamanii in limba engleza, traducerea si pronuntarea lor:

Monday [mΛndi] / [mandi] = luni
Tuesday [tju:zdi]/ [tiuuzdi] = marţi
Wednesday [wenzdi] / [uenzdi] = miercuri
Thursday [θə:zdi] / [săăzdi] = joi
Friday [fraidi] = vineri
Saturday [sætə
di] / [se-ată
di] = sâmbătă
Sunday [sΛndi] / [sandi] = duminică

Lunile anului: traducerea si pronuntarea lor:


Lunile (Months): January [d3ænjuəri] / [geaniuări], February [februəri] / [februări] ,
March [ma:t∫] / [mar
ci], April [eiprəl] / [eiprăl] , May [mei], June
[d3u:n]/ [giuun], July [d3u:lai] / [giuulai], August [o:gəst] / [oogăst],
September [septembə
] / [septembă
], October[oktoubə
] / [octoubă
November [nouvembə
] / [nouvembă
], December [disembə
] /
– formele prescurtate – short forms
Jan Feb Mar Apr Aug Sept Oct Nov


Anotimpurile (seasons):

spring = primăvara; summer [sΛmə
] / [samă
] = vara
autumn [o:təm] / [ootăm] = toamna
winter [wintə
] / [uintă
] = iarna

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